Have some backyard fun with these family friendly swimming pool activities!

Looking to enjoy the extended swimming season that comes courtesy of the Texas climate? Then here are some of the fan favorites that are sure to “go swimmingly”with your friends and family:

1. Marco Polo

This well known pool game is a huge hit across the globe. While the seeker has his or her eyes closed, they shout out the word, “Marco!” and listen to the response, “Polo!” which is received from the other players in the pool. Based on what they hear, the seeker then has blindly to swim, walk, or run through the water to find those hiding in different locations throughout the pool

2. Belly Flops Contests

This is a great game for anyone who’s brave enough to put their abs to the test (and who may have a low pain tolerance!). One person will be the judge and determine how contestants will be ranked: will the highest jumper win? Will it be the person with the most unique “flopping” style? Or will the winner be determined by how much pain they’re in after they leave the water (the redness of their belly can be the judge of that!).

3. Play Chicken

For this game, you’ll need a fairly wide pool and for four friends or family members to break up into teams of two. One person will be on the bottom, and the other will be sitting atop the shoulders of the person on the bottom. When a buzzer or bell rings, then each of the top players will work to wrestling, tussle, and wrangle the other player down into the pool. Whoever remains standing is the ultimate victor.

4. Relay Races

Is there anything more fun than a good old fashion water relay? If you have a family full of fantastic swimmers, then your relays can include traditional swim styles. If you feel like getting a bit more creative, throw in some floaties or pool noodles and make up your own crazy and creative relays. Whoever makes it to the other end of the pool first, wins!

For more pool family fun, stop by our facility on Friday afternoons from 4-6 pm for Fun Fridays, which is unstructured swim time, which allow parents and children to enjoy our indoor, heated pool together.