Swimming lessons for Christmas may not be the first thing that pops into your head, but they actually make a great holiday gift. You’ll be giving not only a lifetime of fun but also an important skill that could save their lives. So why not consider a gift card from Texas Swim Academy this holiday season?


They’ll Use It the Rest of Their Lives

Like riding a bike, learning to swim is something they’ll always remember and will use the rest of their lives. A solid swimming foundation will also boost their confidence in and out of the water.


Swimming Lessons Save Lives

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 350 children under the age of 15 drown in pools and spas each year. Teaching children to swim as early as possible is the best way to help them stay safe. At Texas Swim Academy, we teach infant survival skills to children as young as 6 months.


A Gift for the Whole Family

Swimming lessons at Texas Swim Academy also make a great gift for parents. You’ll be giving them the incredible gift of peace of mind. They’ll know that their child has the skills to have fun and stay safe in and around the water.

So what could be a better Christmas or holiday gift? Swimming lessons are sure to be something they’ll actually use, it will boost their confidence, and it could save their life.

With our heated indoor pool, they don’t need to wait either. We have year-round lessons. They can be expert swimmers by spring!



Texas Swim Academy is a state-of-the-art swimming facility offering water safety, survival swim, and kids swimming lessons in Katy, Texas. Owners Kathleen and Bruce McMordie, alongside our certified staff, help parents introduce children to water at an early age through the Infant Survival Swim Program , teaching life-saving techniques and basic swimming skills.

Our Stroke Development Program offers six different levels to help students progress in their swimming skills at his or her own pace. Our Adaptive Aquatics Program was created specifically for children with special abilities. Find swimming class registration information here. By subscribing to Texas Swim Academy’s blog , you can stay current on valuable water safety resources such as survival swim, health and wellness, Texas Swim Academy news and more. Follow our Facebook , Twitter, and YouTube pages for even more news, updates, and tips!