Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from swim lessons. Houston mom Joni Garcia has two sons on the autism spectrum who are enrolled in Adaptive Aquatics at Texas Swim Academy. Her 6-year-old son, Parker, was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (not otherwise specified), which falls on the autism spectrum, and ADHD; her son Grayson, 4, is autistic.

How Adaptive Aquatics Can Help Build Confidence

Parker had been taking swim lessons on and off for about two years at other lessons, but never got where he needed to be in terms of being comfortable and confident in the pool. However, after just a month with lessons from Adaptive Aquatics at Texas Swim Academy, his water skills improved tremendously. Now Joni feels safe knowing he’d be able to get to the side of the pool were he to end up alone in the middle. Grayson has benefited from swim class in other aspects as well—they’ve allowed him to gain confidence and start speaking more thanks to the individualized attention he receives. Joni has noted that his water skills have improved as well, as he basically didn’t have any before starting TSA swim lessons.

Joni is just one parent who notes the positive influence Texas Swim Academy has had on a child on the autism spectrum. She notes the staff are always willing to rise to the occasion to help children with special needs develop the water skills they need.

Swimming abilities and lifesaving water skills should be available for children of all ages and abilities to learn. We at Texas Swim Academy are proud to offer our Adaptive Aquatics program and invite you to sign up today. For any family with a child on the autism spectrum in the Houston area, we’ll provide the individual and specialized attention your child needs to gain confidence in the water and elsewhere.


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