With summer just around the corner, it’s nearly every kid’s favorite time of the year: swim team season. Since your children are likely to be spending even more time in the water than usual, it’s imperative you reinforce water safety rules as often as possible. Any swim lesson will be sure to include water safety first and foremost, but supplementing what they learn in lessons with other activities is a great and fun way to ensure they know their water safety skills. Think of it as swim team homework.

In honor of National Water Safety Month, we’ve rounded up a list of the best water safety resources for you to share with the kids.

Pool Safely Resources

Part of of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Pool Safely provides free and fun pool safety educational resources that are easy to download on their website. Easily print and share PDFs of pamphlets with friends and neighborhoods. Show your kids the fun, interactive videos that encourage staying safe in the pool. There is even a mobile app available for you to download. Install it on your smartphone so you have something educational at the ready the next time your child asks to play with it. These free, online water safety resources are a great way to ensure your children understand pool safety rules.

Swim Lessons

Though your child may already be enrolled in swim team, additional swimming lessons are always beneficial to improve performance and increase safety under any water circumstances. Swimming lessons are one of the best water safety resources for children of all ages—the more time they spend in the water, the more comfortable they’ll be in any water-related circumstances. Our Survival Swim Lessons equip young children with the skills to get comfortable in the water and continue developing their swimming skills as they grow.

Perhaps you have a child that is not yet ready for the demands of swim team and would benefit for more personalized attention. Our Adaptive Aquatics program is designed to provide specialized, patient attention to children of all ages and abilities. Parents of children on the autism spectrum frequently comment on how the program helps their children develop confidence both in and out of the water. No matter their ability, all children deserve to learn life-saving water skills.

At Texas Swim Academy, we also offer Fun Friday open swim times for students enrolled in swim lessons here to practice their swimming skills in a fun, recreational environment with their TSA peers. Check the calendar for dates and times.

National Water Safety Month Resources

 Since it is National Water Safety Month, there will be plenty of activities scheduled both in community centers and online. Visit the National Water Safety Month to find events listed in your area, as well as plenty of water safety resources!

Texas Swim Academy offers the best swim lessons and competition prep to children of all ages throughout the Houston area. We hope to see your child enrolled soon!



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Our Stroke Development Program offers six different levels to help students progress in their swimming skills at his or her own pace. Our Adaptive Aquatics Program was created specifically for children with special abilities. Find swimming class registration information here . By subscribing to Texas Swim Academy’s blog , you can stay current on valuable water safety resources such as survival swim, health and wellness, Texas Swim Academy news and more. Follow our Facebook , Twitter, and YouTube pages for even more news, updates, and tips!