Young swimmers who continue working on their swimming technique and show enthusiasm for competing may be interested in joining a swim team. Competitive swimming is a wonderful activity for your child, but getting started might seem a little daunting. Here’s a quick guide to help get you off to a successful start.

Competitive Swimming Costs

All prices are general, your area may be different:

  • Quarterly swim team fee: $200-400
  • Competition and practice swim suits: $150-200
  • 2 x swim goggles: $50
  • 2 x swim cap: $50

There may be additional expenses (team towels, cover-ups, etc.), so keep an open mind.

Swim Team Practices

Simply getting your child to practice on time and with everything needed is your primary job. Once there, watch and give your child and the coach space – this is a team sport. Here is a brief list of items you need to bring (or have your child bring) to each swim team practice:

  • Large swim bag
  • Swim suit, swim goggles, swim cap + a spare for each
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes, just in case
  • Large bottle of water or sports drink
  • Anything else the coach specifies

Swim Team Meets

Arrive early and bring everything you would normally bring to practice, as well as extra water, healthy snacks, a book or tablet to keep your child (and yourself) occupied between races, and some extra cash.

  • Find your child’s swim team. There should be an area where everyone can sit together during the meet. Check in with the coach. You may be asked to write your child’s race number on their arm, or race information on a sheet of paper.
  • Purchase a “heat sheet.” These are programs that show the schedule of races. In some cases they are free, typically they are about $10.
  • One your child completes their race(s), you are typically free to leave. Some coaches have their own rules about staying, and you may need to stay longer to learn final results.

Don’t worry, it gets easier – pretty soon, you’ll be the one showing new families the ropes! To learn more about swim teams and TSA swim lessons for Houston and surrounding communities, visit our indoor swim facility or visit our Community Sponsorships page, where you will find a list of swim teams Texas Swim Academy helps sponsor every year in Houston, Katy, and Cinco Ranch.