The weather is starting to warm up and if you have a pool, now is the time to start thinking about getting back in the water regularly with your children. To keep swim time fun and safe, take a moment to review our March safety tips for babies and young kids in the pool.

  • Have your pool equipped with appropriate and effective safety items: 4-foot high barrier with self-latching gate, safety cover, a first aid kit close by. Keep your pool clean and well-tended. Consider a pool alarm that notifies you anytime someone enters the pool.
  • Be aware of lightning, which can be a danger even without a storm present.
  • Actively supervise children in the pool. Drowning can happen in the time it takes to send a text message. Focus your attention on monitoring what they are doing and how they are doing it, without being distracted.
  • Go slow with new swimmers. Don’t force the issue, let your baby explore and become more comfortable at their own pace.
  • Educate kids about basic pool safety reminders: always ask a parent or adult before going in the water, an adult must always be present, swim and play with a buddy, no running or pushing, and stay away from drains, suction outlets and sweepers.
  • Spring is the perfect time for baby swim classes, ahead of the active summer swim season. Give your child a head start in the water with infant water survival lessons or mommy and me classes designed to boost their comfort in the water.

One final kid safety tip for the pool, this one is for the parents: learn drowning CPR at your local recreation or community organization. We have plenty more safety videos for kids on our Texas Swim Academy YouTube channel where you can explore and learn more. Have a safe March in the water!