Texas Swim Academy is one of the few local swim schools to offer specialized autism swim lessons designed to help spectrum kids not only learn to swim and be safer in the water, but also to assist in guiding their development out of the water. Just a few of the positive outcomes from swim lessons that parents of autistic children at TSA have noticed include:

  • Diminished occurrence of repetitive behaviors
  • Opportunity for social interactions
  • Increased attention span
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Improved verbal communication

So what is going on in the water that is helping autistic children develop and practice new skills? Numerous studies point to physical activity regimens in general as helpful for autism. Comprehensive studies on aquatic courses for spectrum kids are relatively few, but there are some indications from clinical research that the benefits are real and quantifiable. Two studies listed with the National Institutes of Health, one from 2010 and the other from 2011, show the promise that swim lessons hold. Participants in both studies demonstrated clear improvement in water skills, which positively impacts safety. A further positive observation: the swim lessons “hold potential for social improvements.” Participants and their parents both praised the time sent in the water as enjoyable and worthwhile, which could also lead to improved socialization. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that spectrum kids have a lot to gain from autism swim lessons. Our instructors notice the way the children respond to the sensation of the water, the temperature and textures and the ability to move in three dimensions almost effortlessly. The kids overwhelmingly are enthusiastic about getting in the water. Bottom line? Studies and our parents report that swimming helps spectrum kids relax, focus, and communicate better both in and out of the pool. If you would like to learn more about special ability and autism swim lessons at TSA, please contact us directly – we are happy to answer questions and explore the program options available.