As a pool owner, it’s important to not only put into practice the layers of protection but also be prepared should an aquatic accident occur. One of the best ways to do that is to outfit your pool with the proper safety equipment. When it comes to drowning, seconds matter. By having safety equipment readily available and within reach, you’re prepared for the unexpected and able to provide aid until help arrives, if needed. 

So what safety equipment should you be sure to have readily available in your pool area?

Water Rescue Equipment

The most universal piece of safety equipment is a ring or rescue tube. These white, red or orange safety rings are designed to be thrown toward a swimmer in distress and provide them something to hold on to while they are brought to safety. They need to be easily accessible and within reach of the pool. No one should have to go searching for the safety ring or have to dig around to find it. It should be within the view and reach of anyone at all times. 

Another piece of equipment is a safety hook or shepherd’s hook. This heavy-duty hook is strong enough to pull a person to safety should they be in distress. It must be 12 feet long without a telescopic pole. It is designed to be able to wrap around the back of a swimmer and pull them to the surface of the water or the edge of the pool.

Every pool should also have a first aid kit available. If a child falls and hits their head or experiences any other cuts or scrapes, it’s important to be able to clean out the wound and have the necessary supplies to keep it covered. 

While this isn’t a piece of water rescue equipment, it needs to be noted that your address should be easily visible in the pool area should a call to 911 need to be made. Often times when people are in the midst of an emergency, they aren’t thinking straight and this will help when speaking with dispatchers. When it comes to drownings, time is of the essence. 

The Layers of Protection

At Texas Swim Academy, we believe that practicing the six layers of protection will help keep children safe while in and around the water. Most drownings occur during non-swim times, so by incorporating these layers into your daily lives, you’re reducing the chance of an aquatic accident occurring. No one is immune from drowning occurrences, but when knowledgeable about the dangers of pools and drowning, and aware of the ways in which you can protect your loved ones, you’re in a better position to provide a safe environment.

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Your Katy Survival Swim Experts

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