Texas Swim Academy is forming a team to support a cause close to our hearts, and we’d like you to join our efforts! The members of the management team for Texas Swim Academy have all had personal experiences with breast cancer in our families and our friends. We are actively recruiting a team for the annual  Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to support breast cancer research and work towards a cure.

Not only does Avon donate millions of dollars worldwide to support early detection, prevention and treatment of breast cancer, it also invests over two million every year in support of our local Katy and Houston communities. These funds help underinsured women in our community detect and treat breast cancer and give them a fighting chance.

How can you help beat breast cancer and support your community? Join our Avon Walk team! Each member will have a personal goal to fundraise at least $1,800. Don’t worry, Avon provides excellent resources to help you reach your goals:

Texas Swim Academy Avon Walkathon t-shirtYour Texas Swim Academy team members will help you too! After a fun campaign season, we all get to participate in the Avon Walk April 20-21, 2013. The walk spans 39.3 miles over two days through Houston. You’ll get to explore some of our city’s best attractions, all while participating in a great cause! The Texas Swim Academy team members will receive a special team t-shirt for the event. Avon also offers training help to get you geared up for the Walk. Plus, the members of our team can get together to help with motivation!

  • Participant Handbook: Get complete details on how to be a fundraising powerhouse.
  • Personal Fundraising Page: Having your own fundraising page on our website makes it easy for donors to give, and easy for you to track how much you’ve raised and whom to thank.
  • Walker Coach: Every Walker has a personal fundraising coach who’s always available by phone or e-mail.
  • Fundraising E-mails: Our pre-written templates make asking for donations easy. You can send as is, or personalize with your own message.
  • Fundraising Poster: Mount this poster at the office, or in your local community center, gym, or place of worship. Let everyone know about your participation, and ASK for their support.
  • Avon Facebook Fundraising Tool: Spread the word to friends online with our special Facebook application.
  • Avon Walk E-mail Badge: Make every e-mail a chance to gather a donation.
  • Fundraising Clinics: Get great guidance and creative ideas from experienced fundraisers.
  • Breast Cancer Information: Learn important facts so you can speak confidently to your donors about the need for funds.

To join our team, call our front desk at (832) 437-6186 to obtain our team pin number so we make sure you join the right team! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We would be delighted for you to join us! If you’d like to help in other ways, please see our front desk regarding donations. We will also be selling our team t-shirts at the front so everyone can participate from the Academy. All proceeds will go to our team fundraising goal.

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