We are right in the middle of the holiday season… the most wonderful time of the year, right? While having the holidays and Christmas close at hand is great, keeping your children busy and entertained can be a challenge. What’s a parent to do? Here is our step-by-step guide to fun activities for families during the winter break.

Step 1 – Don’t Panic

This should be a fun time for you to connect with friends and family, so don’t worry about the details, we have a solution for at least one day of the week…


Step 2 – Come to Texas Swim Academy with Your Kids for Fun Fridays!

Fun Fridays are from 10 am to noon at TSA. Bring your children (along with your bathing suit) to enjoy time in the water as a family. Our indoor pool is fully heated. This is an opportunity for unstructured play, or swimming workouts at your own pace. You and your children can practice swimming skills and take a break from the cold outside.

There’s also a method behind the fun. This is a chance for your kids to maintain and sharpen their aquatic skills, especially if they have been away from the pool for a while. Unstructured play can be just as important as formal lessons in helping your child enjoy time in the water and gaining confidence. It also helps children transition from survival swimmers into recreational swimmers, and maybe even encourage the desire to be a swim team participant or a triathlete.


Step 3 – Did We Mention Fun Fridays?

We did? Okay, if you have a very young child, this is also a great time to introduce them to the water with our Mommy and Me program. Share intimate time in the water with your child, and watch them discover a love for the water that helps them be safer and more confident for a lifetime.

However you spend them, Texas Swim Academy wishes you a very Happy Holidays!