Texas Swim Academy has earned a reputation for swim lessons in Houston that teach very young children how to swim in weeks, not years. We specialize in Survival Swim techniques with babies as young as 6 months old, and developing skills to be proficient in the water in only weeks.

Simply put, it is amazing the number of critical water survival skills that a 6-9 month old baby can learn in our Survival Swim lessons. Just a few of the basics include learning to hold their breath underwater, intuitively roll-to-back-float, and open eyes underwater to explore. Infants and toddlers can develop a comfort in and love for the water that lasts into childhood and throughout their lives.

Very young children at 12-24 months can can learn to swim even faster, with a more comprehensive understanding of the skills required to not only survive, but thrive in the water. One- and two-year-olds in Survival Swim lessons can quickly learn to enter and exit the water unassisted, swim underwater by themselves, and back-float for extended periods. All these goals can typically be reached within a few weeks of lessons.

Children with special abilities and children on the autism spectrum can benefit from the Adaptive Aquatics program, and we are a leader in providing a patient, flexible, and comfortable environment for these children. Our Adaptive Aquatics swim lessons are precisely designed to meet extra requirements for safety and supervision, to ensure all children can benefit from learning to swim.

Whether you want to start Survival Swim or group swim lessons for your child, Texas Swim Academy has age and skill-appropriate classes that provide the perfect entry for a lifetime of of fun in the water. While every child takes time to adjust to the water and learns to swim at a different pace, with the right guidance, all are adept at learning essential skills that last a lifetime. To learn more about the programs offered at Texas Swim Academy, please visit our programs page.