It’s a question many parents ask themselves once their child has shown a real interest in the water and a desire to build on basic swimming skills. With the spring/summer swim team season just around the corner, here are some things to consider before you take the plunge.

Minimum skill requirement. For most swim teams, minimum skill requirements include the ability to do freestyle with side-breathing and the backstroke. Swim teams geared for younger swimmers may have more relaxed requirements, with a focus on developing basic skills. Check with the team prior to registration.

Proper attire & equipment. Proper swim suits are jammers and briefs, which are much better suited to swim team activities than board shorts or bikinis. Also don’t forget swim goggles and a swimming cap if your child has long hair.

Instructional maturity. Can your child follow instructions from a non-parent? For older children this is usually not an issue, however younger children may still be learning this skill. The ability to listen and follow instructions is crucial for your child to enjoy the swim team experience.

Comfort in the water. Again, this is something most older children do not have a problem with but many younger children are still getting their feet wet, so to speak, in the aquatic environment. If your child is not yet completely comfortable in the water, it’s probably too early for competitive swimming – focus instead on classes that build confidence.

So why are we asking you to consider whether your child is ready to join a swim team? Because our local partner Fury Tri Team is beginning its Session 2 swimming workouts on February 25th. The mission of Fury Tri Team is simple:

“We aim to motivate our youth triathletes to work hard, develop their skill and fitness levels, and to exhibit excellent sportsmanship and teamwork. We also aim to grow our youth triathlon team/program to provide support and opportunities for all of our athletes.”

Want to learn more about how to get your child involved? Visit the Fury Tri Team website, or ask us and we can help you with additional information about requirements, swimming workouts and competitions. Texas Swim Academy is also a proud sponsor of several local swim teams in our community. Please visit our Community Sponsorship page to learn more.