Every day thousands of parents tuck their child’s arms through a pair of water wings, assuming that these floatation devices will keep their child safe when in and around the backyard pool. Despite the use of these and other similar “floatation devices”, drowning continues to be the leading cause of accidental or unintentional deaths for  Read More

Texas Swim Academy recently announced their partnership with SwimSpray LLC, to make, use and sell the vitamin C-based chlorine removal product for swimmers. As part of the agreement, Texas Swim Academy gains the right to provide large format bottles of SwimSpray to our members, making us the one of the only swim schools offering this  Read More

  With summer just around the corner, it’s nearly every kid’s favorite time of the year: swim team season. Since your children are likely to be spending even more time in the water than usual, it’s imperative you reinforce water safety rules as often as possible. Any swim lesson will be sure to include water  Read More

The winter months are a great time to enroll your child into a swim course. Texas Swim Academy, partnered with poolsafely.gov, is passionate about water safety and survival, both of which can be learned within the academy and before a young child enters another, private pool. The Katy, Texas Adaptive Aquatics Program is a special  Read More