When most parents sign their children up for swim lessons, they do so with the intention of their youngsters learn lifesaving water safety skills. But swimming lessons benefit children in more ways than one. In fact, lessons can even help your child excel in his or her learning at school.


Greater Self Confidence

Research has shown that self confidence can have a tremendous impact on how successful your child is at school.

Learning how to swim gives children the opportunity to set goals and work towards them until they have been reached. Swimming shows children that with dedication and practice, he or she can achieve anything they set their mind to. This helps build their self confidence and improves their self worth.


Better Social Skills

While swimming is largely thought to be an individual sport, lessons give your child the opportunity to interact with new peers outside of the school environment. Children learn how to behave appropriately around others, how to respect personal space, and lessons reinforce the fact that everyone learns at a different pace.


Swim Lessons Burn Off Excess Energy

Children need to get enough exercise during the day to eliminate excess energy. Without exercise, children can have a hard time being calm in the classroom and getting a good night’s rest. This leads to daytime fatigue which will impact his or her academic performance the following day.


Learn How to Work as a Team

Taking lessons with other people means learning how to work as a team. Your children will learn that each person on that team – including themselves – plays a key role to the team’s overall success.

Working as a team also teaches your child that his or her attitude can impact the morale of the entire team. They also learn accountability and how to take responsibility for his or her actions.


Improved Trust and Respect

Swim lessons allow your child to build a respectful relationship with another adult. They learn that they can trust people beyond their immediate family and that they can rely on others for help.


Children’s Swim Lesson at Texas Swim Academy

Texas Swim Academy offers Katy swim lessons to everyone living in the Greater Houston area. We have a variety of swim programs available starting for children as young as six months old!


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