Just less than two years ago, the United States Department of Education reported that more than 1.7 million students are homeschooled. This is a great solution for many families who choose not to enroll their children in public or private institutions, but there are still certain requirements that must be met, such as participating in physical education (P.E.) courses.

In Katy, Texas, swimming is a great choice for a homeschool P.E. program, as it teaches important skills, and promotes a successful future. Here are the top five reasons why you should place your homeschooled child in a swimming program.

1. Teaches an Important Skill

Learning how to swim is an important and lifesaving skill. When your child is enrolled in a homeschool P.E. program for swimming, they will learn how to build up endurance while in the water, which can make them stronger. Additionally, they will be taught how to correctly perform different strokes, which can prevent them from injury while swimming.

2. Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

At any age, swimming can promote a healthy lifestyle. Introducing exercise to your child at an early age can encourage them to stay healthy throughout their lives, especially if they enjoy their time spent exercising. With swimming, P.E. will not feel like a chore, as your child is likely to have fun learning this activity while also getting a good exercise in.

3. Gives the Child Confidence

In and outside of the pool, your child will gain a new level of confidence during their swimming lessons. While in the pool, your child will be taught how to swim properly, which could eliminate any fears they might have of the water. They will also have the opportunity to build social skills by making friends with other homeschooled children who are learning to swim.

4. Introduces the World of Water Sports

Because a homeschool P.E. program will teach your child how to swim, it could open them up to a world of water sports. As they have the basics of swimming down, and a higher level of confidence, you might find that your child is interested in participating in an extra curricular activity. From competitive swimming to diving, triathlons and so much more, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

5. Homeschool P.E. Program Leads to a Successful Future

Arguably, the purpose of a P.E. class is to get a child moving during the school day, to lower the risk of childhood obesity, and to teach them about working as a team, among other social skills. When you enroll your homeschooled child in a P.E. program that accomplishes all of these goals, in addition to building confidence and a certain skillset, they can only be benefited. With a firm grasp on how to live healthfully and with a fearless attitude, your child will have the tools they need in order to build themselves up for success.

If you are interested in enrolling your Katy homeschooled student in one of these beneficial swimming courses, contact us today at Texas Swim Academy.



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