Swimming may be one of the furthest activities from your mind as the holiday season is underway.  But the many distractions such as food, imbibing and good conversations that come with the holiday season can still spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e for the youngest among us.

Texas Swim Academy wants your kids to stay protected around pools, hot tubs and any body of water during the wintertime.  Here are our top winter swim safety tips for how everyone can have a fun-filled and safe holiday swim season.

Do a “Sweep” of the Premises

Whether it’s your home or the property of someone else, take the time to stroll around the property and make sure that everything is locked and safe.  Ask the person or persons hosting the event if there is a pool or hot tub present, and what measures have been taken to keep them safe for little ones.

Designate a Responsible Supervisor

Parents, family members and trusted friends can take turns supervising the children they are responsible for throughout the event.  Having 30-minute “swap ins and outs” for supervising ensures that children are being watched during the party or when in a well-lit pool (if the children have permission to swim) while the adults can still have a good time engaging with friends and loved ones.

Regularly Check Pool Safeguards

That gate that was closed securely half an hour ago may have been opened by someone else in attendance.  Regularly ensure that the safeguards are always in place to protect little ones from entering into a dangerous area.

Hot Water Isn’t for Everyone

In many parts of the country, wintertime means the end of pool season – but hot tub season is a year ’round event.  Hot tubs aren’t the right environment for many, including young children (infants and toddlers), pregnant women and those with heart conditions.  

If you will be bringing children into a hot tub, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 102 degrees F.  Children must also be reminded not to put their heads under the water as their hair can become trapped in a drain cover, and it can increase their risk of developing an ear infection.

Reinforce Positive Swim Safety Skills

Fewer families may be swimming outside during the winter.  But that doesn’t mean that children and parents alike can’t still benefit from hitting the pool and enjoying a set of swimming lessons.

Texas Swim Academy has made it easier than ever for loved ones to give the gift of swimming lessons in Houston.  Our Houston swimming lessons not only help children and adults of different abilities make the most out of their physical and mental capabilities.  Our accomplished team of instructors work with your child to teach them critical water safety skills as well as how to have a positive mindset when it comes to working towards and achieving goals.

For more information about our gift cards and our specialized swim programs including Infant Survival Swim, Adaptive Aquatics and Adult Swim Lessons, give Texas Swim Academy a call at your convenience at (832) 437-6186.


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