Almost every family vacation includes a fun-filled aquatic adventure. Whether it’s splashing in the hotel pool, wave jumping in the ocean or paying a visit to a nearby water park, teaching kids to be safe around water is critical for their health and safety.

Swim lessons before vacations are the best way to make sure your kids are ready for the water this spring and summer. Here are three reasons why it’s important to invest the time into lessons, and how not only your child but your entire family can enjoy the benefits.


1. Safety

Family vacations are a time to unwind and let loose. Unfortunately, this more easy-going atmosphere can increase a child’s risk of injury, particularly in and around water.

Your child’s safety is paramount here at Texas Swim Academy. Our instructors take the time to teach children of all skill levels age-appropriate ways to be safer around the water.

Each lesson your child takes reinforces and builds upon the safety lessons taught in a previous course. This increases the likelihood of your child drawing from that critical lifesaving information should he or she find themselves in an unsafe situation.


2. Confidence

Water confident and happy children are those who aren’t afraid of being near the water. This is important since it’ll help make them less likely to panic (the leading cause of drowning for children) in a stressful situation in the water.

Swim lessons before vacations teach kids that they are in control when they’re in the water. We give kids the tools they need to make wise and sensible decisions about what they should do in the pool, at the lake or in the ocean based on their skills and abilities.

Lessons also give parents peace of mind. When a parent feels more confident in their child’s abilities, having their kids around the water will be less stressful. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your kids read how you react to situations, so your relaxed mood will help them feel more at ease as well.


3. Freedom

Swim lessons give kids the freedom to experience and enjoy the water in their own way, both with a parent and independently. Developing a strong swim skill set also allows kids to attend other fun events throughout spring and summer, like backyard swim get-togethers and birthday pool parties with their friends and family.

Swim lessons before vacations are the ideal way to ensure that everyone has a great time on your next family adventure. From infancy to adult classes, Texas Swim Academy offers a range of courses perfect for all ages and abilities. Click here to register for one of our swim programs today!



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