As a parent, it’s always thrilling to watch your child catch on and thrive in their lessons or activities of choice. But as with most things, in order to get better, you need to continue to practice. While maintenance swimming lessons do help children improve their skill set and become more proficient swimmers, they will also help save their life. There is no substitute for survival swimming lessons, and it’s vital for children to partake in maintenance lessons in order to keep their knowledge and skills fresh and ready should an aquatic accident occur. 

But My Child Already Knows How to Swim

Inadvertently, when kids get in the pool and play with family and friends, they may pick up unwanted habits that differ from what they learned in their survival swimming lessons. It’s not to say they can’t have fun when they’re in the water, but a fun swim is different than a survival swim, and being able to decipher between the two could mean the difference between life and death. 

The survival swimming lessons offered at Texas Swim Academy are taught in a manner that is efficient and effective. So while we’re teaching your child to swim in weeks, not years, continuing the course with maintenance lessons is invaluable to them. But why?

The old adage “practice makes perfect” is quite fitting. Maintenance lessons provide the practice to help children continue to fine-tune their skills while also gaining confidence in themselves. Bodies of water like pools and hot tubs are the most dangerous places in a home. Sure they provide hours of entertainment, fun, and quality time with loved ones, but they are unsafe when left unattended (which is why we always push the importance of practicing the layers of protection). When a child continues to practice their swimming skills, their confidence builds, as does their skill set. 

As Kids Grow, Their Capabilities Change

Even if a child begins survival swimming lessons at six months old, their brains are constantly maturing and developing, which allows them to grasp and understand new concepts and skills as they get older. So what they are able to learn at 6 months old will be different than what they can comprehend and retain at two years old. Their motor skills are constantly evolving. 

Maintenance lessons build off of the strong foundation they create when they first learn how to swim. With maintenance lessons, you’ll begin to see your child develop their endurance and start to master their stroke development, as well. It’s incredible to see children evolve from hesitant babies experiencing the water for the first time into proficient swimmers capable of saving themselves should an aquatic accident occur. Maintenance lessons are the avenue that will help kids nurture this lifesaving skillset. 

Your Katy Survival Swim Experts

Our number one goal at Texas Swim Academy is to ensure children starting at the age of six months old are exposed to the right kind of swimming lessons that will help them not only in the event of an emergency but also establish a lifelong love of the water. Give us a call to learn more about our survival swimming program today. 


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