Thanksgiving is always a perfect time to reflect and find reasons to be thankful. At Texas Swim Academy, we have so much to be thankful for, and that includes our incredible set of staff and instructors, who are at the front lines, helping us save lives every single day. Here’s what some of the Texas Swim Academy staff and instructors are most thankful for this year:



“2015 has been a year of change. When I think back to January, I remember what I predicted this year would look like, but in reality I had no idea what was in store. However if all had gone according to plan, I would have missed out on countless valuable lessons and would never have met some of the most amazing people. So, this year I am thankful for change and how it has required me to trust more fully and live more freely.” – Kathryn Worrell


“I am thankful to be apart of Texas Swim Academy’s staff and to work on a team where trust is the commonplace. I love the positive atmosphere and the great community we work in.” – Marian Judd


“I am very thankful for the life I live, along with all the friends and family members in it. I’m thankful for my health and lifestyle. I’m thankful for all the hard work my parents have put in to make my means of life better and open so many opportunities for me!”  – Vasco Conroy


“I am thankful for my family and friends, who without their constant encouragement, I would have dropped out of high school. I’m thankful to junior year, for living up to its expectations as the worst year of anyone’s life. Lastly, I’m thankful for my job at TSA, which has treated me so well, whether it be through the pay, the friendships I’ve made with most of the employees, and the Heaven that is known as Sno-cone Thursday.” – Isabelle McKiernan


“I am thankful for each quality moment that I get to spend with my family. The best times I find are those when my 2 children, I and my husband are sitting in the kitchen just talking. For the all too brief moments where we have no devices and we talk maybe about a funny moment that someone had in their day, or some topic that one of us feels passionate about. With two teenage kids it usually ends up with laughter or a strong opinion. I love these times because helps me to learn more about them and who they are becoming as people. For a moment, I can understand the perspective of the teen mind. It’s not always a scary place. ” – Atiya Hopkins


“This year, I am not only thankful for my friends and family that I am constantly surrounded with, but also for my optimism and enthusiasm that I have been blessed with. These traits get me through each day with a positive attitude and I am alway excited for what tomorrow brings!” – Lily Snyder


Thank you to our Texas Swim Academy staff, instructors, parents, guardians and swimmers for your support over the years. We hope everyone has an incredible Thanksgiving holiday weekend, filled with new memories and moments shared with your loved ones!