At Texas Swim Academy, we have a an aquatics program that fits every child’s needs. Our goal is provide every single swimmer with the personal, one-on-one attention from certified instructors and “result-oriented” programs. With the right instruction and guidance, we believe every student has opportunity to be comfortable, confident, and successful in the water.

Prior to Texas Swim Academy, Kathy Flores and her son, Alex, tried out many different types of swimming lessons from other organizations. However, none were able to make Alex feel very comfortable in the water. Through the Texas Swim Academy adaptive aquatics program, Alex was able to attend longer, personalized, 30 minute sessions twice a week.

“I would recommend Texas Swim Academy to anybody, whether their child has special needs or not. One thing I would feel about it is that it’s a totally life saving program for all children…Texas Swim Academy has taught him more than we ever thought he would learn.”

Tune into the video below to learn more about Kathy and Alex’s experience at Texas Swim Academy and to learn more about our Adaptive Aquatics program.