So far, so good! My 9 month old baby has finished the 8 sessions (two weeks) and will be on her 3rd week. She was crying on all sessions so her instructor, Ms. Gabriella is taking it slowly with her. At first, I was stressed out seeing her cry all the time during sessions and was skeptical that she would not learn because of this but I talked to some moms and found the assurance that it is normal and still they will learn and they have a great experience with Texas Swim Academy, so I am crossing my fingers with these information. Ms. Gabriella advised my baby to wear a wet suit and the last two sessions, I saw her floating on her back even when she is crying, so for me I am happy to see that improvement. Overall, I am happy with her instructor, Ms. Gabriella is doing a great job. She is patient and passionate with her job. Also I am happy with the reception staff, they were very flexible when I requested to let me in 10 minutes before our sessions, the reason is for my baby to be comfortable with the environment first, instead of handling her immediately to her instructor.

Joseph Cunsolo