Everything you can do to help keep your child safe in and around water is important. Proper fencing, water alarms, keeping doors locked, vigilant supervision, and just plain common sense make a world of difference. But absolutely nothing can compare to the layer of protection that comes with proper swim training. As school starts back in session, it’s important to take note that swimming lessons are the ONLY afterschool activity that can save your child’s life. 

Drowning is fast and silent. In an instant, a child can be pulled underwater and within moments drowning can occur. That’s why enrolling your kids in swimming lessons at Texas Swim Academy is the most vital layer of protection against drowning. When you’re creating your fall schedule, keep your kids in mind and enroll them in survival swimming lessons to ensure their safety year round.

Providing Safety in Uncertain Times

As the novel Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on everyone’s day-to-day activities, it’s forced the majority of us to stay at home. And staying at home has caused many people to invest in their homes by creating the perfect “staycation” spots to enjoy in the comfort of their own backyard, including owning a new pool. Pools are being built in record numbers right now as people are wanting to have their own escape at their fingertips. 

Owning a pool is a big responsibility, and it’s imperative that families understand what it means to keep kids safe in and around their pool. Children, no matter their age, should be equipped with the skills necessary to save themselves should an aquatic incident occur. With that said, children who are around water often (ones who have a pool in their backyard) should most certainly know how to swim. It is one of the most important layers of protection when it comes to pool ownership. 

Right now, many of us are getting comfortable with the “what is.” We are doing what’s necessary to meet our work requirements while keeping the kids entertained while finding family time. While we’re home more than we have ever been, the responsibilities of being a multi-tasking parent are not going away. It’s imperative to be aware of our surroundings at all times. 

The Six Layers of Protection

By implementing and following these six layers of protection, you will keep your children, grandchildren, children of friends safe. 

  1. Stay Close. Never leave a child alone near water, even for a second.
  2. Adult Supervision. Designate at least one adult “water watcher” at all times. If you’re with a group, be sure to rotate responsibilities.
  3. Survival Swimming. Teach kids survival swimming skills, including an independent swim and roll to back to float.
  4. Barriers. Swimming pools should be equipped with fences, alarms and drains that meet regulation.
  5. Safety Equipment. Keep reaching and throwing aids near the pool at all times.
  6. Know CPR. Parents and child caregivers should know how to perform rescue techniques and strategies to respond in an emergency. If a child is missing, check the pool first!

Katy’s Best Swim School

At Texas Swim Academy, we’re dedicated to providing a state-of-the-art facility for children as young as 6 months old to learn how to survive in the water through one-on-one lessons from trained and dedicated professionals. We have a passion for what we do, and it shows. 

With school back in session, now’s the time to register your children in survival swim lessons as an after school extracurricular. Give us a call at (832) 437-6186 to learn more about our survival swim program and one-on-one lessons today. 


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