While what many consider “swimming season” still to be a few months away, it’s better to be prepared and ready to enjoy the water rather than sitting on the sidelines just learning to swim. Survival swimming lessons are rapid skill acquisition, which means your child will learn to swim in weeks and not months. Now’s the time to prepare for those warm months filled with lots of pool time by enrolling in survival swimming lessons today. 

First and foremost, swimming lessons are the most important defense against drowning. Swimming is not just a hobby or sport, it’s an essential lifesaving skill that all children should be equipped with. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children age 1 to 4, and it’s a pandemic that’s yet to slow down. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 900 children and adolescents die each year from drowning. And one of the top risk factors is a lack of swimming ability. 

Summer evokes so many feelings of fun and excitement in kids. Days spent outside splashing the water, eating popsicles poolside while the sun warms your skin, laughing and playing outside in a bathing suit. It’s an innocence you don’t take for granted, but one that can’t change in a matter of seconds. Drowning is fast and silent, and it happens due to a number of factors, including the inability to swim, lack of barriers, lack of supervision, and the close proximity of a pool or hot tub. 

Before the summer fun starts, now’s the time to enroll in survival swimming lessons. By learning to swim BEFORE summer arrives, you’ll equip your child with the skills necessary to not only survive in the water should an aquatic accident occur, but they’ll also learn how to respect the water and have fun while doing it! While our number one priority remains to teach kids how to be safe in the water, we also love to see the passion they develop and the lifelong love of swimming that comes because of it. 

Our survival swim program is taught by certified survival swim instructors using our effective methods of consistency and repetition. We want our families to feel comfortable with understanding how our lessons work, so we invite you to learn more about what to expect during survival swimming lessons in our Survival Swimming Lessons Can Be Fun blog. 

Your Katy Survival Swim Experts
Now’s the time to enroll in survival swimming lessons if you want your child to be ready to enjoy the water with family and friends by summer. Spots are filling up fast, so give us a call to click here to learn more.


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