Can swimming lessons in the winter make kids sick? No!  Indoor pools and increased activity help children thrive during the cooler months!

Many parents believe that swimming during the colder months could potentially cause a child to get the flu or to become sick. This is equally true during the rainy season. While you don’t have to worry about your child getting cold in an indoor pool, there are a few misconceptions that parents have that should be addressed.

Being Cold Doesn’t Make You Sick

Experiencing cold water or going out into the rain will not make you sick. In fact, studies have found that the opposite is true. The reason more people get sick during the winter months is because they tend to stay indoors and thus catch germs from other people. There’s no correlation between temperature or being went and getting sick.

An Indoor Pool is the Safest Body of Water

Indoor pools are treated and sanitized to ensure that swimmers are completely safe. This isn’t true for oceans and lakes. Oceans and lakes have an incredible amount of dangerous diseases that can range from simple infections to flesh-eating bacteria. This is why indoor pools are the best place for young children and those with compromised immune systems to learn how to swim and to experience swimming in safety.

Your Child’s Immune System Needs to Grow

While your child will come into contact with other children throughout their lessons, they will not get sick from the pool water. They will, however, come into contact with other children. This will encourage their immune system to develop defenses against a wide variety of environmental factors, thereby actually making them healthier.

Swimming is one of the healthiest activities that a child or an adult can partake in, and it should never be avoided out of a fear of illness or germs. There are very few chances for a child or adult to get sick within an indoor pool. Stop by Texas Swim Academy where our heated pool is open all year round.