When the leaves start to turn from brilliant green to blazing reds and burnt orange hues, most think of hunkering down with a warm drink by the fire. While hanging out poolside and in the water may not be the first thing on our minds as the temperature drops, it’s important that our children’s swim skills remain sharp, regardless of the season, because drowning knows no season. 

Why Swim Skills Are Important Year ‘Round

The one obvious reason is that water doesn’t disappear the moment fall returns. Having a child with strong swimming skills means protecting them from becoming a potentially dire statistic such as:

  • Children without good swim skills are 8 times more likely to experience drowning and close-calls
  • Children of parents who don’t know how to swim have only a 13 percent chance of learning how to swim
  • Seventy percent of African-American children don’t know how to swim while 60 percent of Hispanic/Latino children don’t have swimming skills

What You Can Do To Protect Your Children

Reinforce the importance of your child being safe around the water including basic rules like no running on the deck, no diving in shallow water and keeping long hair tied back at all times. Other things you can do to encourage strong swim skills during the cooler months include:

Continue Katy Swimming Lessons All Year

Swimming lessons shouldn’t purely be a summer activity. The best way to keep your child’s swimming skills sharp and maintain their respect for the water is to keep your child enrolled in swimming lessons all year long.

Talk About Water Safety

Talking about water safety after school and at the dinner table from time to time will be a good refresher for kids and parents alike. Ask your child about hazards they have seen at the pool, how dangers can be prevented, and have them come up with a list of pool rules for your family.

Go for Recreational Swims

Make swim time fun by taking some time on evenings and weekends to splash and swim with your kids! Walking, treading and kicking their legs in the water for even short periods of time goes a long way in helping children feel more comfortable in the water while also helping them develop their “swim muscles.” Texas Swim Academy currently offers free family time swims on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for enrolled students, so be sure to stop on by and take advantage of this extra time in the water!

Take Adult Swimming Lessons

Texas Swim Academy offers Katy swimming lessons for adults with all levels of swimming experience and knowledge. Even a quick refresher course can help you strengthen your own skills so you can best guide and protect your children when in the water (bonus: swimming is a great exercise for almost everyone!).

From Infant Survival Swim Lessons to Group Lessons, Adaptive Aquatics and beyond, Texas Swim Academy has a swim program for everyone. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our Katy swimming lessons today by calling (832) 437-6186.


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Our Stroke Development Program offers six different levels to help students progress in their swimming skills at his or her own pace. Our Adaptive Aquatics Program was created specifically for children with special abilities. Find swimming class registration information here. By subscribing to Texas Swim Academy’s blog , you can stay current on valuable water safety resources such as survival swim, health and wellness, Texas Swim Academy news and more. Follow our Facebook , Twitter, and YouTube pages for even more news, updates, and tips!