Springtime has long been symbolic of change and new beginnings. It is more than rotating our closets and cleaning out the garage—we as humans use the spring to reflect on how we want to grow. Thus, there is no better than April for Autism Awareness Month.

National Autism Awareness Month was founded by the Autism Society to promote inclusion, acceptance, and success for persons with ASD. It helps draw attention to the tens of thousands of individuals facing a diagnosis of autism each year through online events and activities, declarations in high levels of government, and even local events and opportunities to get involved.

We at Texas Swim Academy are proud to promote a society of inclusion through our Adaptive Aquatics program. Like any activity, swimming shouldn’t be reserved just for those that fit the status quo; many children with autism can and do benefit from physical activities like adaptive swimming.

About the Adaptive Aquatics Program

Our program started from one simple belief: every child, including those on the autism spectrum, should be able to build the skills they need to enjoy water comfortably and safely. We pride ourselves on helping students build fundamental water safety and survival skills and believe those skills should be accessible for any individual on the autism spectrum.

Children of all ages and abilities are invited to learn life-saving skills and swimming techniques. Texas Swim Academy instructors are trained specifically to work and effectively communicate with children on the autism spectrum. You can be sure your child is learning water skills in a safe environment with an instructor they are comfortable with.

As no child on the autism spectrum is the same, we adapt our Adaptive Aquatics program to each individual. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their child is with a calm, reassuring, and patient instructor. This not only helps children on the autism spectrum learn the water skills they need, it also helps them build confidence in the water that can be translated to other aspects of daily life.

Benefits of Adaptive Aquatics — One Parent’s Story

Veronica Gutierrez from Cyprus, Texas, began bringing her daughter Kennedy to the Adaptive Aquatics program about nine months ago. Kennedy is non-verbal, and Veronica has noted how her swim instruction has opened her up. Now, Kennedy sings and talks a lot more on car rides home than she usually would.

Kennedy has also bonded with her instructor, Melinda. Veronica says that even more important than the instructors’ training is their listening capabilities—Melinda has been great in getting to know Kennedy and takes the time and patience to make the class enjoyable for her. Veronica notes that Adaptive Aquatics has allowed her to be able to give Kennedy more freedom thanks to the skills she’s learned.

Thanks to parents like Veronica and instructors like Melinda, we at Texas Swim Academy in Katy, Texas are able to offer these vital swim lessons to children of all abilities. If you are interested in enrolling your child for life-saving swim lessons, register with Texas Swim Academy today.


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