Swimming lessons are often seen more as a luxury rather than a necessity, since many people look at the price tag first and determine they are too expensive. But what if we challenged you to look beyond the initial cost and broke down the value of your investment so you could see just how cost effective your swimming lessons really are…or aren’t, for that matter. At Texas Swim Academy, we know swimming lessons save lives. But the reality is, the right swimming lessons save lives. And not all lessons are created equal. 

Get The Most For Your Money

The first thing you should do is research the swim schools you are interested in and get a better understanding of the way they teach, as well as how they teach. Not to mention how they train their instructors. Just because a school looks good on social media doesn’t mean they have the history to back it up. Ask questions and find out their certifications. Learn more about how the lessons are conducted and the instructors who lead them. 

It’s important to get a better understanding of how the lessons are organized. When it comes to babies 6 months to a year old and survival swim lessons, they do not have the stamina for a 30-minute private lesson. An extensive 15-minute lesson will suffice. Bottom line? If you’re paying for 30-minute lessons, you’re overpaying. 

Also pay attention to your child’s skill retention. After six weeks of lessons, most children will know how to swim and float. If they don’t, it may be time to re-evaluate where they’re enrolled. Skill acquisition is quick and effective, and if you’re aren’t seeing results, your money may not be well spent. 

Private Vs. Group Lessons

While group lessons tend to be the norm, let’s consider the benefits of private lessons. During these extensive 15-minute lessons, you’re getting the one-on-one attention you’re paying for. During group lessons, swimmers often spend the majority of their time waiting on the side of the pool for their turn with the instructor. So if you break it down, a 30-minute lesson may really only be 10 minutes spent in the water with the instructor. Again, if you look at the time your child spends in the water versus the time you’re paying for, they may not be in line. 

With private lessons, your child is getting the kind of instruction that will help them flourish. Our child development based program allows kids to grow throughout their lessons, so we are not pushing them to keep pace with others, rather allowing them to become successful survival swimmers on their own accord. The good news is that after 20 private lessons, your child is already skilled!

The Best Katy Swim School

Texas Swim Academy was established to give area infants, children and even adults the skills necessary to be strong swimmers with a passion for being in the water. We have highly trained instructors who are dedicated to teaching the right skillset — independent swimming skills without the use of floatation devices. 

Contact Texas Swim Academy today to learn more about our survival swim program, as well as our stroke development, adaptive aquatics and adult swimming lesson programs. We are open year round to best serve our community and remain dedicated to giving kids the skills necessary to not become another statistic of drowning. 


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