Summer’s officially here! Lazy days with lots of time spent around swimming pools, beaches, and water parks make summertime a great time to learn how to swim. Texas Swim Academy offers a wide variety of programs to suit each student’s age and skill level. Here’s a quick overview of the programs offered at Texas Swim Academy this summer:


Survival Swim Program

Our Survival Swim program is our most well known program at our facility. This program offers a unique style of infant swimming lessons that teaches infants and young children essential skills to survive in the water. This is not a parent and child swim class, but a class in which a certified instructor will introduce your child to the water. Once your child becomes familiar and comfortable in the water, he or she will begin to learn how to roll-back-to-float and take a breath. Depending on your child’s age, he or she may even start to learn how to swim. This class is where your child will not only learn basic skills that save their life in the event of accidental plunge in the water, but establish a foundation of trust in the water that will make them a strong, confident swimmer for years to come.


Stroke Development Program

For students who would like to build a level of proficiency in swimming, Texas Swim Academy offers a Stroke Development Program that is broken down into six different levels of classes. Each student will learn essential swim skills that are building blocks and bridges to the next level at his or her own pace. Since we believe swimming is a lifelong activity and we strive to offer every child the resources they need to be successful an independent in the water, there is no time limit for completion of each level.


Group Lessons

Group lessons provide the perfect environment for new and developing swimmers, or rigorous learning for advanced swimmers. Classes have a low student to instructor ratio, which allows swimmers ample guidance in the water. Students who are 4 years or older and are comfortable going underwater, swimming at least 15 feet unassisted, taking a breath and floating by themselves can enroll in group lessons. Children who are not quite ready for group lessons will need to begin in private lessons first and progress to group lessons once they’ve reached a level of proficiency and comfort in the water.


Adaptive Aquatics Program

At Texas Swim Academy, we are dedicated to working with all swimmers, no matter their age, skill level, needs or challenges. Adaptive Aquatics is a special swim program offered to students on the autism spectrum or students with special abilities. Adaptive Aquatics is very similar to our Survival Swim program in that it uses the same methods of teaching. Instructors create an encouraging environment to teach students who to swim, float, and swim in that progression. Depending on the child’s individual needs, specially trained instructors will adjust the approach and layout to support those needs.


Pre-Competition Program

The summer is a great time for intermediate and advanced level swim students to work on stroke techniques and endurance, especially if he or she is involved in a swim team, swim league, or participating in a upcoming triathlon competition. In this program, students do not compete against each other. Rather, students will be introduced to flip turns and practice to improve individual swim times. Students in this program are required to already know the four main swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.


Adult Lessons

No matter a student’s age or skill level, we believe it’s important of everyone to learn how to swim! Texas Swim Academy is proud to offer both group and private adult swim lessons that are tailored to an individual’s needs and goals. Adult lessons can range from beginner level, more advanced swim stroke development, and even triathlon training. No matter your goal, we offer an opportunity for swimmers to overcome fears, feel more comfortable and confident in the water, and advance his or her fitness level. Lessons are scheduled depending on student and facility availability.

Do you have any questions for us about any of our swim programs? Please feel free to contact our facility or visit our programs page to learn more!