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Infant Survival Swim & Swim Lessons Testimonials Katy & Houston

“We had learned about Kathleen here at Texas Swim Academy, so my husband decided that it would be just a really good idea to try our son, Alex, here, and the one on one lessons have been wonderful for him. I would recommend Texas Swim Academy to anybody whether their child has special needs or not. I feel that it is a totally life saving program for all children.”

– Kathy Flores, Katy, TX

“Kathleen and her team have been extremely patient, extremely caring and willing to tailor any plan that they need to, to whatever she needs to learn to swim, which is vital to her safety. Madison has really developed a lot of confidence in the water; she’s not as scared to get in the water anymore and she’s willing to try a lot of new things. The one thing I’d like to share with other parents about Texas Swim Academy is that they are goal oriented towards teaching your child to swim.”

– Christine Duncan, Houston, TX

“My daughter is Harper, she’s 20 months old, and she’s Infant Survival Swim program. Having Harper in this program has made a huge impact on us; Harper is so much more comfortable in the water from day one, I see such a difference from day one to now. I actually feel myself so comfortable her being by a pool, I feel that if she were ever fall in the pool, she would be able to immediately float on the her back and swim over the side wall and get herself immediately up to take a breath. I actually recommend Texas Swim Academy to all mothers that I know with young children. I think it is an incredible program and I think the instructors are amazing, the entire staff is amazing; I would definitely recommend Texas Swim Academy.”

– Meredith Hunewill, Katy, TX

“My child is two years old and he is enrolled in the Guppies Program. What I like about Texas Swim Academy is that when my son started in the Infant Survival Swim Program, it was actually a one on one experience with the teacher. They started teaching him how to float and then from there they started teaching him survival skills. I would recommend Texas Swim Academy because #1 the people here are great, the owner is fantastic, the prices are great, it’s in a great location. If you have any questions you pick up the phone and call they’re always willing to help you and answer questions. These are the great things that I really do love about this place.”

– Ufuoma Uloho, Katy, TX

“The thing I liked most about Texas Swim Academy is they treat you like family. When children first started, they were a little hesitant in getting into the water. Going into it as a parent, you’re hesitant but to see them grow and to have fun and to really love the water, it’s a gift that you just can’t take away from them. They will have it for the rest of their lives; that is what makes Texas Swim Academy different. I would definitely recommend Texas Swim Academy. ”

– Albert Lynes, Katy, TX

“The infant survival swim program is a very tailored program to individuals needs and weaknesses. So it’s not a one size fits all. They really look at each kid and see what their needs ware. They see how they can actually double up their swimming capability and that’s what they pursue. To all persons out there, I would absolutely recommend Texas Swim Academy just because of the individual relationships they develop with the kids. We would definitely recommend Texas Swim Academy to other parents.”

– The Karthik Family, Katy, TX

“I truly like the focus on survival skills. I think my son has become so confident in the water and he loves the water so much. The instructors are willing to work with each child and their specific requirements and also motivate them at the same time. I recommend the Texas Swim Academy to any parent. I have already informed all my friends and have asked them to go ahead and enroll their children today.”

– Rohini, Katy, TX

“I brought my youngest daughter, two-year-old Lily, to Texas Swim Academy for the infant survival swim program. In just a few short weeks, her swimming and water safety skills had improved so rapidly that I enrolled my two children as well. What I like about Texas Swim Academy is the quality of the staff and the quality instruction. They start with a goal in mind, I would recommend Texas Swim Academy , they have by far the best program. ”

– Rachel, Katy, TX