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During all business hours
Texas Swim Academy is a family owned business with the owners intricately involved in every aspect of the business. It is not a big corporate business where you will be just another number. We know our families because we are working together as a team to instill the safety and the love of water to all our members. Our staff, from the Office Manager to the Instructors, are passionate about giving each swimmer and his/her family the personalized attention you would want and come to expect when joining an academy.
Children are naturally drawn to pools, hot tubs, lakes, ponds, streams, reservoirs and beaches. Despite a parent’s best efforts at supervision, it only takes one head turn before an accident has occurred. Reasons to Get Started: You want your child to learn to swim and float in weeks, not years. You or your extended family live or vacation around backyard pools or natural bodies of water. You enjoy swimming and want your child to enjoy it as well. You would rather take control of your child’s safety than take chances.
All of our Stroke and Infant Survival Swim instructors must complete a minimum of 40 hours in the water with hands-on training with a senior instructor before teaching classes independently. Our INFANT SURVIVAL SWIM Instructors go through a stringent program that requires them to train 16 hours per week of hands on in-water experience with a variety of children, ages 6 months to 6 years, over a 5-6 week period. The training program includes instruction in teaching breath control, propulsion, floating, rollover breathing, survival skills, transitional stroke development and troubleshooting problems with students of all ages.
Texas Swim Academy believes that repetition and consistency are key to learning life saving techniques around the water. How long will it take my child to learn to swim? Texas Swim Academy believes that every child learns at a different pace. Our instructors are trained to assist your child in developing proficient skills in the water. We do not put a time limit on his or her ability. Personal attention and care are essential in the learning process.
Texas Swim Academy believes there is no such thing as being drowned proof. We teach our students to love and respect the water. Water safety is our top priority. Parental supervision is required around all water. You are the number one line of defense in keeping your child safe.
Our instructors will assess your child’s skills at regular intervals and make recommendations on the proper class placement. We place less emphasis on swim levels and more emphasis on proficiency of skills.
Our instructors are trained to assist the reluctant child with gentle care and compassion. Even the most reluctant child will develop a comfort level in the water within time. Parents of Infant Survival Swim students are allowed to be poolside with their child to assist with the transition.
You are required to give notice by 8:00 AM the day of your lesson(s). Please contact us by email at info@texasswimacademy.com or by phone 832-437-6186 to give notice. You may leave a voicemail. We check voicemail at 8:00 AM daily.  If we do not receive notice you will be charged for your full lesson.
Texas Swim Academy does not give refunds. We will reschedule if notice is given by 8:00 AM.
Maintenance classes are for children who have completed their Infant Survival Swim training classes and need to maintain their knowledge of the swim float method. These classes are given one or two days a week.
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your class. Use this time to check in and take your child to the restroom before their lesson so they do not miss out on valuable lesson time
Once a schedule has been created and agreed upon, the Registration fee and the first 2 weeks payment is due. Subsequent payments are due on the 1st of the month. Payments not paid by the 4th will be charged a late fee.
In the interest of the health and safety of all students in our program, Texas Swim Academy requires all swimmers under the age of 3 and children who are not fully potty trained to wear two (2) swim diapers. One can be disposable and one must be reusable. Both swim diapers must be worn by the swimmer at all times while in the pool area.
Please have your child ready to swim when you arrive. If your child is not completely potty trained please have them wear a disposable and reusable diaper. ALL CHILDREN NEED TO OBEY THE TWO DIAPER POLICY IF THEY ARE NOT COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED.
Before beginning lessons, all swimmers must have a Medical Information and Release form on file. This information will be shared ONLY with the people directly responsible for a swimmer’s care. To best serve our special needs and special care swimmers, our Staff must be made aware of as much information as possible to properly care for the swimmer. This can be done by filling out the Medical Information and Release Form, and by verbally communicating with our staff. Parents and/or guardians should inform Texas Swim Academy staff of any health concerns that arise after lessons have begun.