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Swim Lessons for Infants in Katy

Why is Texas Swim Academy Different from Other
Swim Schools?

At Texas Swim Academy, we are serious about saving lives. That’s why we take a one-on-one approach to infant survival swim lessons. More interaction with your child will lead to them learning infant self-rescue faster. And the sooner they know how to save themselves, the sooner you’ll be giving them a precious gift.

We also limit our infant survival swim lessons to 15-minutes. You might think you’re getting a better value for a 30-minute lesson, but other swim schools use a 4 to 1 child to swim instructor ratio. So really, your child will be getting about 7 and a half minutes of the instructor’s attention.

With one-on-one lessons, your child will get undivided attention. At Texas Swim Academy, infants as young as 6 months can learn to swim in 6 weeks as opposed to months at other Katy swim schools.

The Best Infant Survival Swim Lessons in Houston

Why do we only offer lessons to children 6 months and older? To put it simply, submerging a child under 6 months old is dangerous.

At 4 months old, children have not yet developed the breath-holding reflexes necessary to make submersion safe. And without submersion, a child cannot truly learn survival skills. Swim schools that offer lessons to 4-month-old infants are only splashing around and teaching them that the water is fun without giving them the crucial skills they need.

Giving Young Children a Life-Saving Life Skill

Texas Swim Academy is not a franchise or just a brand name to put on a building. We were founded on principles, not profit. We absolutely insist on doing what’s best for the child. And what’s best are intensive, one-on-one lessons that only last 15 minutes. The child stays engaged, has the swim instructor’s complete attention, and most importantly, learns a vital life-saving life skill faster.

We want children to be “safer sooner” and our entire program is built on that. Rather than keep charging you for lessons, we want your child to learn to swim as quickly as possible.

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