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Recognize The Dangers Of Holiday Parties

A Katy Swim School Focused on Saving Lives

Texas Swim Academy is a true survival swim school in Katy. We were founded on one goal: to save lives. Rather than taking months and months and more and more of your money, we teach infants as young as 6 months old how to swim in 6 weeks.

Having the skills to help themselves is the only reliable layer of protection against drowning.

Holidays Parties Pose a Risk For Young Children

Drownings are silent and sudden. All it takes is a few seconds or a quick glance away. This is especially true at family gatherings and holiday parties. It’s a simple fact that the more adults present, the higher the danger of aquatic injury to a child. Add to that the familiarity of being at the house of a close friend or relative and there is a high risk for tragedy.

Effective Swim Lessons Protect the Children You Love

All it takes is one distracted moment.

The ONLY way to truly protect your child by making them safer sooner is at Katy’s only true infant survival swim school.

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