Adult, Toddler and Infant Swimming Lesson Reviews –  Katy, Houston and More

My two-year-old is learning how to swim. I did not think that was possible. I like how strict the intensive first six weeks are.


Awesome staff and great scheduling system. Instructors are very professional and kind with the kids. Competitive advantage on daily lessons for beginners.

Adrian Becerra

I like the small class sizes.

Sharlene Matheson

Our 6 month old, is in week two of his survival swim class and the progress he is making in such a short period of time is unbelievable. Our instructor, Mandy, has the perfect blend of tough love and reward snuggles. We appreciate her patience so very much. She is also excellent at keeping us updated on next steps and goals for each lesson. We are very fortunate to have her expertise as our son learns this skill that could save his life in the future.

Heidi & Johnathon Kerns

Our kids love it!

Lauren Day

The instructors have been so patient with my 17 month old, even when he has his crying fits..lol..we are very grateful cus he is learning so much very quickly

Adebayo Adebanjo

My 3yo loves going and isn’t afraid to be on his back my 1yo isn’t afraid to have water run down her face. ALL staff is wonderful and friendly! Worked around my crazy work schedule. Wish y’all were closer to Bay City or Wharton!!

Jana Zapalac

Our swim instructor is great. We love Kat and she’s very patient with our little one. Jaxon was very resistant on learning to float on his back. In the beginning he had a lot of anxiety separating from us. I think we have made some progress in the right direction. I’m hoping are last week he will continue to do good. He can be a slow learner so I’m not sure if he is going to be able to master everything he’s supposed too. Overall, I do like the program and our instructor.


You guys are awesome! My son was afraid to put his head under water before we started taking private lessons from you, and within the first couple of days he was diving and swimming without any fear. Thank you!

Lori Sood

I love the coaching style and approach. Charlotte progressed quite quickly and absolutely loved Miss Isabelle. We are looking forward to working with her new teacher, Maddie.

Brandy Damron

The kids love going to their swim lessons.

Uma Dharap

Isabelle is wonderful! She is calm and happy when instructing our daughter. She has a very peaceful spirit which I very much appreciate with a new experience.

Miguel Morales & Renee Fleener

If you have a autistic child, this is the place.Tried other places that said they could teach my son to swim,they couldn’t and he hated going. He is now swimming and looks forward to going.

Wayne Owens

Very nice place with very nice coach and front desk people.

Walter Hribik

We are enjoying Texas Swim Academy and our son’s instructor, Isabelle

Allison Jaggard

Aditya had really great time at Texas Swim Academy. The program really helped him to shape up for his school swim team. The endurance and fitness training increased his capacity quite a lot. Thanks so much for the great program.

Aditya Manjul

We are really enjoying the experience and so is our 3 year old. We will likely start our 18 month old after the new year. We like Miss Kiarra

Tyler Lee

I love the school and how it’s run. I’d like it to be the same teacher each week though.

Jeremy Ward

We are absolutely thrilled with TSA. Our son learned to swim in a very short amount of time, and he is having so much fun in the water. (He informs us his instructor calls him a chipmunk --he’s delighted to have a nickname.) Love it here.

Scott Heiman

I really like the one on one lessons. My daughter had undivided attention from her coach, so I felt that she was safe as well as getting exactly was she needed to learn.

Kenny Daignault

Texas Swim Academy is amazing. You feel welcomed the minute you walk-in. Front desk staff is ALWAYS welcoming, professional and helpful. The instructors are professional, courteous and patient. The instructors really care and are eager to teach. Our son started six weeks ago and he has displayed tremendous growth. We’re thankful that we picked Texas Swim Academy!

Carlos Boston

Great instructors, very attentive to child’s needs.

Josh Wiley

Good instructors

Martin Santos

We are very happy with the way Ms. Kiara is training our son. He is a toddler. He loves being in water but on his own terms. He doesn’t like to be in the pool. However, Ms. Kiara is very patient with him. She makes him as comfortable as possible and is very professional. At the end of the class, she gives us an update on his progress. We appreciate her. Thank you!

Jigna Patel

We are very happy with all our daughter has learned at TSA!!

Justin Johnson

Texas Swim Academy is such a great facility in our community! We love Julia, my daughter’s teacher. Thanks to her gentleness and tremendous skills, my daughter has felt much more confidence in the pool. You are a gem, Julia!

Vu Dinh

Ms. Christian is an amazing teacher. She is very patient and encouraging which is perfect for Raaj.

Dipa Brahmbhatt

Mrs. Gabriela is such an amazing Teacher. My son has learned so much from her and looks forward to each class.

Joey Viteri

Excellent Program! We love Willow’s swim instructor Gabriella. She has developed a trusting relationship with Willow.

Colleen West

We are so happy that we chose the Texas Swim Academy to re-teach our girls how to swim. They are now swimming like fish in about a month’s time. Thank you for your great approach to swimming, instilling confidence in our children and giving us peace of mind!

Diana Urelius

My daughter loves it!

Stephen Taylor

The staff at Texas Swim Academy is amazing and courteous. The teacher Ms. Mandi and Ms. Kathy (Sub) have been very patient with both of my kids and provide feedback every week. I am impressed because most swim schools do group sessions and parents are ultimately responsible but here the children get one on one attention and learn a lot more quickly.

Sarjana Momin

We have been very happy with lessons at TSA.

Paul Lehman

I am very happy about my child’s progression. Kathleen and Gabriella are fantastic. It’s more than just learning to swim. It’s a survival skill that gives me more security as a mom when my child swims at home. Plus, my older child watched her baby sister at swim lessons and saw that the water is not scary. My child is learning in a safe environment, having fun, and learning to be safe around water. Thanks TSA!

Lauren Ivanhoe

Very convenient. My son went from being scared of the water to it being fun.

Colin Spence

Happy with all progress thus far. Gabriella fabulous swim instructor!

Suzie Baggerly

Very happy with our daughter’s progress and the patience of the teachers she’s had.

Luca Chinello

Caitlyn and Dylan have learned so much in such a short amount of time. The staff has been very sweet and helpful accommodating our schedule. And Conner is great! I have bragged about y’all to all of our friends!

Andrew Warden

So far, so good! My 9 month old baby has finished the 8 sessions (two weeks) and will be on her 3rd week. She was crying on all sessions so her instructor, Ms. Gabriella is taking it slowly with her. At first, I was stressed out seeing her cry all the time during sessions and was skeptical that she would not learn because of this but I talked to some moms and found the assurance that it is normal and still they will learn and they have a great experience with Texas Swim Academy, so I am crossing my fingers with these information. Ms. Gabriella advised my baby to wear a wet suit and the last two sessions, I saw her floating on her back even when she is crying, so for me I am happy to see that improvement. Overall, I am happy with her instructor, Ms. Gabriella is doing a great job. She is patient and passionate with her job. Also I am happy with the reception staff, they were very flexible when I requested to let me in 10 minutes before our sessions, the reason is for my baby to be comfortable with the environment first, instead of handling her immediately to her instructor.

Joseph Cunsolo

We love Ms. Melissa!

Katrina Solis

My child is developing confidence in the water, I’m so glad I chose this place to teach mi son how to swim. The only thing I noticed, every instructor has different way to perform the lesson, in fact I notice, when I went to the make up class (with a different instructor) that this new instructor performed the lesson in a more dynamic way, she really put my son to work in the water.

Walter D’amico

We are so impressed with the Swim Academy Program. Gabriela is amazing with Gabe and we couldn’t be more thankful that we were paired with her. As a mother, I have never felt so secure about leaving my child with someone, who is not family.

Kara Guillory

Great staff! Our daughter is an ESL speaker and the staff has been amazing with her...no issues whatsoever.

Greg Fuller

Melissa is a great instructor! My son has made amazing progress and she is very patient with him.

Mallory Kucko

Y’all make it all so easy!! 4th week into survival swim and my 17 month old rotates and floats on her own. She now feels comfortable and relaxed in a pool.

Joe Ballejo

We have enjoyed seeing our son develop a love for the water and his swimming skills. Everyone at Texas Swim Academy has been so nice and professional.

Aaron Valor

Great swimming academy environment and very friendly staffs who are eager to make you comfort. My daughter was able to float and swim after only 2 swimming sessions !!!

Femi Obajemu

We love to see how well our son is finally doing at swimming. This is the 3rd summer, and the 3rd swim academy he’s been, and he’s finally learning how to swim. He really enjoys going to his swim lessons with Coach Erica, and is so proud of how well he’s doing.

Silvia Uceda-King

We love Gabriela! The training program is unbelievable.

Owen Hurt

Very Satisfied

Abhay Singh

Flexible schedule and great staff! Love the one on one training with my child... 100% attention!

Patrick Leier

Texas swim academy is awesome they treat my son and I with respect the atmosphere is very welcoming. My son can float and flip and swim all by himself in just 6 weeks. He is in the perpetual now and will continue to.. My daughter definitely will be enrolling next summer. Thanks Texas Swim Academy.

Nelson Nwozu

Love how patient staff is with my autistic son. Coach Anthony is particularly good with Ian and lets me know how he thinks Ian is doing.

Lisa Mikosh

Office employees very friendly and helpful. My daughter was not swimming when she started and now she is - what more can I say! Great instructors

Katie Silva

Amazing personal attention from instructors!

Garrett and Stephanie Fultz

We are excited to see our baby swim and glad we are coming from to Texas Swim Academy. Everything has been wonderful! Our baby is progressing already!

Jace Ingersoll

We really like our instructor Shannon!

Guy Bilberry

Our kids learned to swim with proficiency in a matter of weeks! Thanks Texas Swim Academy!!!

Hosea Lee

Cole absolutely loves coming to swim. He has gained more with TSA in the past month than he has at other facilities over the past 6 years. Thank you!!

Alan Inman

My nephew and I are taking swim lessons. They are very accommodating and knowledgeable.

Mary Miller

We have had an amazing experience with Melissa as our instructor! I recommend Going here to everyone I know! My only suggestion would be more baby changing tables because I frequently have to change my kiddo on the floor since the only one is taken.

Craig Davis

I love Texas Swim Academy! It has given me comfort and reassurance that my daughter can survive in the water. Thank you for the excellent swim one-on-one instruction it far exceeded my expectations. I am fascinated every time we go to our neighborhood pool, as people watch my daughter swim. You are the answer to saving lives. Again, thank you!

George Blitch

Overall I am very pleased with Texas Swim Academy. I had Colton in Aqua Tots earlier and believe it was a complete waste of time and money. I am seeing progress in Colton’s swimming ability. While I am giving some instructor feedback below, overall I am pleased with Brandon (may have spelled his name incorrectly) and Colton definitely is comfortable with him and enjoys his lessons with him.

Amy Dalrymple

Your high expectations have encouraged my child to work hard and progress very quickly. I appreciate the coaches!

Daniel Mccaskill

Very good.

Paul Dufilho

Our son has learned so much in the short amount of time that he has been attending lessons at TSA. We LOVE Melissa, she is fantastic with our little one. She is very patient and kind-hearted even when he screams the entire lesson (which is almost every time). We are very impressed.

Brent Kieschnick

We love your program!

Baldur Medrano

We are extremely pleased with how well Daija has adjusted to the water and how quickly she is picking up the techniques taught in 15mins of her lessons.

Draco and Deedy Miller

Trainers were very nice and knowledgeable.

Robin Schroeder

Friendly Instructors and staff

Hector Leal

My son enjoys swim lessons. He seems to be progressing, and I he will continue to build on what he is learning.

Jennifer Endicott

So far I’m very pleased with class structure, the activities, the care taken of my kids and the skills & professionalism of their instructor Ms. Shannon.

Sarah A Malik

Great experience. Very professional.

Pam Foster

Great experience so far!

Anand Bala

We are very happy with our experience and feel much more confident about our 2 year old son around open water.

Steven Bates

I am very happy with your program. My son has finally learned to swim and he feels confident about swimming independently. He likes his instructor, Vasco, a lot.

Maria Mainieri

Awesome place!!!!

Tarang Patel

The infant survival swim program is a very tailored program to individuals needs and weaknesses. So it's not a one size fits all. They really look at each kid and see what their needs ware. They see how they can actually double up their swimming capability and that's what they pursue. To all persons out there, I would absolutely recommend Texas Swim Academy just because of the individual relationships they develop with the kids. We would definitely recommend Texas Swim Academy to other parents.

The Karthik Family

My daughter is Harper, she's 20 months old, and she's Infant Survival Swim program. Having Harper in this program has made a huge impact on us; Harper is so much more comfortable in the water from day one, I see such a difference from day one to now. I actually feel myself so comfortable her being by a pool, I feel that if she were ever fall in the pool, she would be able to immediately float on the her back and swim over the side wall and get herself immediately up to take a breath. I actually recommend Texas Swim Academy to all mothers that I know with young children. I think it is an incredible program and I think the instructors are amazing, the entire staff is amazing; I would definitely recommend Texas Swim Academy.

Meredith Hunewill

Kathleen and her team have been extremely patient, extremely caring and willing to tailor any plan that they need to, to whatever she needs to learn to swim, which is vital to her safety. Madison has really developed a lot of confidence in the water; she's not as scared to get in the water anymore and she's willing to try a lot of new things. The one thing I'd like to share with other parents about Texas Swim Academy is that they are goal oriented towards teaching your child to swim.

Christine Duncan

We had learned about Kathleen here at Texas Swim Academy, so my husband decided that it would be just a really good idea to try our son, Alex, here, and the one on one lessons have been wonderful for him. I would recommend Texas Swim Academy to anybody whether their child has special needs or not. I feel that it is a totally life saving program for all children.

Kathy Flores

The comfort of having individualized instruction, heated pools, and a calm professional environment added to the success of my daughters experience.
We continue to maintain our skills with weekly lessons. What a small price to pay for skills that can save your childs life!!

Heather McWilliams