Texas Swim Academy Announces the New Texas Tritons Swim Club

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Texas Swim Academy is excited for the upcoming swim season, starting on September 1st, because of our remarkable swim club, the Texas Tritons. This relatively new program is designed to meet needs that no other seasonal club or school team can meet: year-round competitive level training without the pressure of performing in overwhelming competitions.

Texas Tritons

Lead by Example

Coach Aimee Schmitt will lead this unique swim program and brings a lifetime of experience, making her a priceless asset to the league. She has been swimming competitively since 7 years old, and set an Ohio state high school record that stood unbroken for 20 years! While her complete competitive experience on the national and international level is too long to list, Coach Aimee was a highly decorated All-American swimmer at Stanford University and proudly served as the assistant coach for the elite Arizona State University swim team.

With 20 years of coaching experience, Coach Aimee’s expertise is teaching proper stroke techniques and correcting bad habits by utilizing the same methods that elite-level coaches use.  Aimee simplifies complicated drills for young swimmers, and effectively communicates on their level to help them become faster and more efficient swimmers.

As a boutique swim club, the Tritons offers kids two unique options — a competitive or conditioning path.

“It’s important to offer kids an opportunity to improve their swimming skills while also having spare time for other social and extracurricular activities,” says Coach Aimee. “Whether they are training for a high school swim team or simply want to improve their physical endurance, the Tritons offerings meet that need.”

About the Tritons

Practices are offered one hour a day, Monday through Thursday. While participation in all four practices is not mandatory, by committing to three to four days a week, young athletes are much more likely to see steady progress, allowing the kids to be in charge of their own improvement.  

The Tritons participate in two kinds of swim meets. The first are quarterly competitive meets put on by the Gulf Coast Swimming Committee, where swimmers race against kids from all over the Houston area. The second are simple, intersquad meets with 6 basic events. The main purpose of the intersquad meets are to track time and utilize healthy competition to push kids to beat their personal record. The Gulf Coast Swimming meets are not mandatory, but intersquad meets are highly encouraged because it gives the kids a sense of comradery among their teammates and helps them track their own improvement.

What Sets Us Apart

The Tritons approach year-round swimming with a different mindset than other programs. We offer a small, personal program with extremely high-quality coaching. The whole hour of practice is focused on learning stroke technique and engaging in the discipline needed to find personal improvement. We strive to make the team a perfect environment for kids to thrive in healthy competition, physical fitness and good sportsmanship.

Children ages 7 and up are welcome to try out for the team at any time throughout the year. To qualify for tryouts, they must be able to swim 25 yards in all four strokes without standing or touching the wall to take a break.

To set up a tryout appointment, contact Coach Aimee at coach_aimee@texastritons.com.


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